How to Recover from a Heavy Defeat

Manchester City defeated rivals Chelsea 6-0 at the Etihad Stadium over the weekend, while Portuguese giants Benfica registered a 10-0 win. So, just how do teams go about recovering from such disappointing results?

All football coaches are likely to have seen their side return to the changing rooms having been on the wrong end of a heavy loss, however it how players react that will have the biggest impact upon their future success. Losing a football match is always likely to hurt, although particularly so when you have been completely outplayed. So, let’s take a closer look at the things to consider and do after such a defeat.


  1. Where Did Things Go Wrong


It may not be immediately apparent and there are likely to be a range of factors to consider, but looking at where you went wrong both as a team and individually is the first thing to do. Did you use the wrong tactics? Were preparations not good enough? Why did players not perform on the day? Learning from your mistakes will undoubtedly help you to both get over such a defeat and make improvements in the future, with there also being no substitute to hard work on the training field.


  1. Swallow Your Pride


Whether you are a player or coach, it is important to deal with a disappointing loss as soon as possible, whether it be after the match has finished or at the next planned training session. There is likely to be anger an upset at such a performance, however feeling sorry for yourself will not help anyone. As well as this, be sure to stick to your principles, including congratulating the opposition and being good sportsmen.


  1. Make New Goals


A heavy defeat may see you slip down the table, so it is important to re-evaluate the situation and create new goals. Dwelling on such a loss is unlikely to help, with looking at things constructively far more important. Such results happen to even the best teams, while it is unlikely to be the only time it happens to you. As a result, have a goal to win the next match or reach a certain position in the standings.


  1. Create an Enjoyable Training Session


While it is important to focus upon where things went wrong last time around, keeping the spirits of players high will ensure that their motivation remains high too. As a result, coaches should plan an enjoyable training session following a defeat, which implements areas of improvement, whether it be defending or keeping possession.


Meanwhile, there will often be occasions when one heavy defeat turns into a run of disappointing results, with players confidence having been negatively effected. This means that you are likely to have handled the initial loss incorrectly, potentially by overthinking things and being to hard upon yourself and your teammates. So, try to stay positive, without dwelling on past mistakes and performances. There is nothing that will change such results, with a positive outlook likely to help you better control what happens in the future.

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