Sport Performance Analysis
Sport Performance Analysis

How Technology Can Be Used in Football Coaching

Technology is used in abundance by professional clubs, however there are now a number of options available to grassroots and youth coaches in this area, with taking advantage of such advances in the game allowing you to enhance the development of players.

While you may think that the involvement of technology in football is reserved for those at the top of the pile, it has never been easier to implement new training methods surrounding the latest gadgets and innovations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which coaches can use technology to aid their training session.


Match Analysis

The ability to show players where they have done something wrong or demonstrate a good piece of play is hugely rewarding, allowing coaches to see how their team can develop their team yet further. With high-quality cameras now not being hugely expensive to get hold of, investing in such a piece of kit will add an extra dimension to your coaching methods. There are now a number of products designed specifically with sports in mind, with showing players their performance allowing for excellent insight and understanding. Many clubs have already started to utilise this technology, whether it be to show individual players how their positioning on the pitch can improve or when to be more expressive with the ball.


Wearable Tech

Another measure that can be put in place to track performance is through wearable technology, whether it be a GPS unit or wristband. Such tools are excellent for coaches who are looking to gain a better understanding of their teams work rate and movement, along with fitness levels. Top football players are regularly kitted out with such units during training sessions and matches, helping to collect real time data, as well as aiding recovery and injury prevention.


Social Media

The biggest social media platforms today are full of football action from around the world, including Premier League goals and non-league howlers. As a result, you can potentially boost your teams profile by uploading regular updates online, whether it be alerting followers to a five-star performance from your striker or an unbelievable goalkeeping save.



Perhaps the least enjoyable part of football coaching is leasing with players and their parents regarding their availability for both training and matches, with this process being both time consuming and tedious. However, thanks to apps such as Spond, you are able to easily manage your entire team on one simple platform, allowing valuable time to be spent on more important matters.


Take Advantage of the Smart Phone

For teams with smaller budgets, coaches can still get a relatively long way using their mobile device. Whether it be recording clips from training and matches to show players at a later date or using one of the large number of apps that are now available for football drills, be sure to utilise what is undoubtedly one of the biggest developments in technology over recent years.



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