Why Team Sports Can Teach Life Lessons


The benefits attached to participating in team sports are not only health-related, with the building of a variety of life skills also being of benefit.

Discipline and focus are just two skills that can be picked up through involvement in team sport, along with responsibility, goal setting and organisation. As a result, many believe that employees should look to former athletes when looking to add to their workforce, with people who have been involved in sport often having experience when it comes to:


  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Time management
  • Focusing on goals
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork


In fact, studies have even shown that team sports are especially rewarding for females, with 90% of women involved in senior positions at major companies involved having participated in sport previously. Meanwhile, students who play sport are also more likely to go on to higher education, as well as be less likely to abuse when it comes to drugs and alcohol.


Benefits of Team Sports for Adults


It is not just children who benefit from involvement in team sports, with adults potentially reaping the rewards too. Team sports for adults could potentially be a recreational event organised by colleagues or a community group, along with a group that trains together due to their shared exercising goals. Benefits include increased confidence and self-discipline, along with improved health, socialising and the reduction of stress.


However, adults must be sure to select a sport that is right for them, taking into consideration any long-standing physical issues in the process, with those who have not participated for an extended period being at greater risk of injury.