Why “Netflix-Style” Workouts are Being Offered in a Bid to Encourage Exercise

Schoolgirls within the UK are being offered workout videos in an attempt to encourage them to exercise, due to the fact that they do not enjoy team sports. So, just how will this radical new government scheme help to tackle a lack of participation?

Recent proposals have been put in place in order to tackle a fear of team sports among young females, helping children in having a greater opportunity to carry out at least 60 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis. Whether it be during school hours or over the weekend, online videos have been viewed as an important method of coaching.


The School Sport and Activity Action Plan was introduced by the education secretary, sports minister and minister for public health, with the scheme set to include a variety of measures, which have been introduced in an attempt to strengthen the role of sport in the daily lives of youngsters. As well as this, the plan will explain how both teachers and parents can get involved, along with promoting physical activity and mental wellbeing.


A “Netflix-style video library” will be used during PE lessons in order to encourage reluctant girls to do more exercise, with schools also set to trial open days during holidays, following calls for sports clubs to stay open during the summer months in a bit to combat obesity concerns.


Regional pilots will be carried out from September 2020, targeting less active groups, including girls and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Schools and clubs will also work hard in order to ensure that young people have a coordinated offer of sport, physical activity and competition, including more modern PE lessons.


The ultimate goal is for every pupil to have the chance to find a sport in which they enjoy, which will help in setting them up to lead a healthy and active life, as well as equipping them with the necessary skills to reach their potential. As part of this strategy, the government will work alongside Sport England and a range of governing bodies in order to ensure that more children are reached, encouraging them to be active by focusing on enjoyment.


Sport England themselves are providing £1 million in funding in order to develop digital resources for girls, which will include a library of video workouts. Meanwhile, the Department of Education has also committed to £2.5 million over the next 12 months, which will be used to deliver additional training for PE teachers, help schools to open their doors over weekends and holidays and expand sports volunteering programmes. All of which will help to provide a better opportunity for youngsters to eventually become sports.