Why Children Should Be Encouraged to Play More than Just One Sport

Whilst it is common for kids to have a favourite sport, research suggests that children should be encouraged to take part in more disciplines, helping them develop into both confident and well-rounded athletes.

An increasing number of youngsters now take part in a series of sports, while parents are avoiding the temptation to have them focus upon one specific discipline too early on in life. After completing a study into this subject, the University of Alberta in Canada concluded that multi-sport participation helps to build a solid foundation of movement skills, whilst still allowing kids to enjoy their childhood. However, there can of course be negative impacts for those who push their children too far, with packing a number of physical activities in during the week potentially leading to stress, injury and anxiety, along with ultimately dropouts.


Encouraging youngsters to participate in multiple sports from an early age has been proven to aid development across the board, however there is still a focus upon specialising upon a particular discipline by some. Whether it be filling up your child’s schedule with football training or one-on-one tennis lessons, such actions are far more likely to have a negative impact in the long-run. Research suggests that those who focus on one particular sport are more likely to dropout eventually, whilst they are also at greater risk of picking up injuries.


Meanwhile, encouraging kids to play a series of sports will expose them to an enhanced number of different movements and scenarios, allowing a better foundation to be built. Doing so also means that individuals are more likely to be physically active later on in life, which is undoubtedly of huge importance. Parents must ultimately find the right balance for their children in this area, allowing them to sample a variety of sports, without overdoing it.


Sports camps, which are readily available throughout the summer months, are an excellent platform for children to sample different activities, as well as allowing youngsters to find a good balance for themselves. Such events also aid youngsters when it comes to finding what actually interests them, as well as what they enjoy the most. Meanwhile, the risk of overdoing things during this time is decreased, as those in charge know exactly how hard to push children.