The Importance of Being a Good Teammate

While individuals are a crucial ingredient for any sports club, a real team will not be successful unless everyone is taking responsibility to be a good teammate. Teams that do so are far more likely to achieve their goals and potentially reach the impossible.

It will not come as a surprise that it is hugely important to be a good teammate, however coaches and players must first understand exactly what this involved. So, let’s take a closer look at the criteria in which makes up a good teammate in the world of sport.


Respect – Whilst it is unlikely that everyone within a sports team will always see eye-to-eye, it is important to ensure that there is always respect. It is commonly believed that respect must be earned, so players, coaches, officials and parents must make sure that they respect everyone around them. Meanwhile, trust is another important aspect of gaining respect, with players needing to know that their teammates can be relied upon to be disciplined and reliable.


Communication – Constant and clear communication is also a must for teammates, with players and coaches having to be honest with both themselves and those around them. As well as this, there are likely to be times as to when individuals or groups must be held accountable, whether it be if someone is now putting in 100% effort or if instructions are not adhered to. Communication also requires people to be good listeners, meaning that teammates must listen to each other, even if this means putting personal differences aside for the benefit of the team.


Support – In the event of a teammate doing something good, ensure that you make deliver positive feedback, with there being no room for negativity in sport. Support is needed especially during times when things are not going to plan, with those who show determination and drive to improve being the best teammates. Support can come in many different forms, with the best teammates also helping out off the playing field, whether it be with organisation of the club, cleaning kit or offering transportation to a match.


Commitment – Standout teammates are also those who demonstrate selfless commitment, which will help the team in reaching their goals and maximising enjoyment. Commitment also surrounds being open to new ideas, as well as being flexible to compromise when needed. With the best teammates constantly questioning how they can help their fellow players, commitment means doing everything possible to ensure that the team achieved their objectives.


Off the Field – As crazy as it may sound, life is not just about sport. As a result, it is important that players show an interest in the life of their teammates, whether be surrounding family, other hobbies or education. Gaining such information will allow you to bond on the pitch also, which will ultimately aid the entire team.